Pay Per Click

Generate traffic to your website through result-oriented advertising

Internet advertising is the latest tool in promoting your company and brands across the world through a common platform on the web. Pay per click advertising is one of the Internet advertising models in which companies pay a fee each time their advertisement is clicked.

Pay per click services such as Google AdWords, are proving their relevance in the corporate sector, yet many businesses are unaware of the huge benefits that can be availed through pay per click campaigns. Sigma SEO is one of Australia’s prominent Google AdWords service providers, which can help you realise the benefits of PPC through strategically designed PPC campaigns that would drive web traffic to the your sites. Our team of PPC experts selects keywords from Google AdWords that can bring maximum results for your ads. These ads appear on the top of the search page of Google as sponsored links gaining attention of the target audience.

How Pay Per Click Services Help Your Business?

Many businesses are sceptical about the benefits of PPC services as they may not have the expertise in selecting the right keywords that can bring the desired results. However, with the help of a professional pay per click service provider, you can realise the numerous advantages of PPC advertising.

Some of the advantages of PPC campaigns are discussed below:

  • Instant traffic– Google Adwords facilitate higher web traffic directed to your website. This results in greater web prominence and enhanced sales.
  • Cost-effective method if managed carefully– With every click you gain a website visitor who has the potential of converting into your customer. This makes PPC a cost-effective way of attracting your potential clients.
  • Best option for new websites, to rank highly on the SERPs– Though PPC services can have positive results for all businesses, they may prove to be highly beneficial for start-ups. This is so because new websites take a long time to gain higher ranking on SERPs; but through PPC, your website can top the search page at reasonable costs.
  • Pay for performance– The highlight of pay per click services is that you pay on when you get results. This means that pay only when a searcher clicks your sponsored link and gets directed to your website. If the searcher ignores the ad, you pay nothing.
  • International exposure– Due to geographical differences, ranking of websites may differ to a great extent. However, websites that use pay per click services can get top ranking, irrespective of the country or region.
  • Small investment, with the potential of big returns– As discussed above, you pay only when the users click on the ad; the search engines charge no fee for placing your ad prominently on the SERPs. This facilitates maximum ROI at a given advertising budget.
  • Targeted advertising– Google AdWords service helps you target selective audience as your ad is displayed only to those who seek information related to your chosen keywords.
  • Allows continual improvement– You can see if the ad is working in your favour and bringing the desired results. If it doesn’t, then you suffer no loss and you can redo the ad by changing the keywords that would bring more traffic.

Sigma SEO- Your Google AdWords Service Provider

PPC campaign must be developed through a strategic process. For this, you need the help of a professional service provider who can identify the most effective keywords for your ad and help you achieve maximum results. Sigma SEO is one such company that can facilitate your advertising campaign through proven techniques and strategies. We aim at high conversion rates and constantly track and analyse the effectiveness of the PPC campaign.

At Sigma SEO, we provide web solutions for businesses, irrespective of their nature or size of operation. Our other services include search engine optimisation, website optimisation, search engine marketing and social media marketing.